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Hi Tandem Folks,
There is a member of our Triathlon group here in Columbia, SC, that has an acute eye problem, she only sees bright objects or contrasts. She wants to do a triathlon and has signed-up for a half-ironman that she is only allowed to do with a guide. This includes using a tandem bike.
At present she and her guide are riding an old very heavy MTB tandem while training and in a recent 65 mile tour. We wanted to know if any member of your group might have a lighter weight road bike either for sale (at a reasonable price) or if anyone might be willing to let us rent one?
Her captain/guide is about 5’9″ and she rides in the stoker position and is about 5’4″.
Thanks for your help,
Ron Hagell
*(not affiliated with PEACHES)

Captains needed:
We are inviting anyone interested in learning to ride either as a stoker or a captain, anyone who has a bike and will share and anyone who has experience and will teach.
Hal Simpson
For more information reply by email to
*(not affiliated with PEACHES)

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