Kicking It Up a Notch in Kennesaw

Our last scheduled ride of the PEACHES riding season was in Kennesaw.  Mark and Debbie invited us to their lovely homestead, took us on one of their favorite rides and then put out a generous spread for a fun, relaxing lunch.

Our Hosts, Debbie and Mark

Five dedicated teams braved the heat and the hills to enjoy the camaraderie of a PEACHES ride.

Steve, Eva, Ron, Shari, Mitzi, John, Eve, Roger, Debbie, Mark
Prepping for the ride
The Bullards and Scheiblauers rode 23 miles.

The other three teams added another 10 miles and some more pretty rural sights.

Lunch was a beautiful array of grilled delights and some salads and chicken roll-ups.

Only part of the food served, the rest kept coming hot off the grill!

Everyone enjoyed the time on the breezeway as we lunched!

There are currently no other rides scheduled because there weren’t any other volunteers to lead this year! If you want to lead a ride, send a message and it will be posted.

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