Marvelous Madison

A big shout out and thank you to Sherry and Jose Rodriguez for hosting the largest PEACHES ride of the season. Obviously the group loves the riding, the lunch and the accommodations you make to welcome us to your beautiful home in the country!

This year 13 couples participated in the annual ride, feeding frenzy and pool party.

The weather was perfect and the rides were delightful.

I can only speak about the longest and hilliest route which was 46 miles with about 1,700 feet of climbing. Oh Hestertown Road, I do NOT love you!

At about 22 miles our group enjoyed a rest stop beside the new Hard Labor Lake.

There were some houses for sale in Madison. You can move here and do these rides every day.

After the ride we enjoyed a fabulous lunch of BBQ with all the fixins’ and cooled off in the pool. I was enjoying socializing so much that I put my camera away and didn’t get any pics of food or swimmers this year.

Roger and Eve host the August ride. Please mark your calendars for Sunday, August 18th (a change from what we mentioned in Madison). We are planning a ride from the Square in Covington and more details will be posted soon.

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