Cruising on the Comet

Ride report and photos are from special correspondent Mitzi Boland.

Lots of rain leading up to the October PEACHES ride made the Silver Comet Trail wet and even muddy in some areas. It was also cold and breezy with very little sun in sight.  Despite the weather there were four teams for the ride starting in Rockmart and riding toward Smyrna.

Jim, Lora, Cheryl, Chris, Mitzi, John, Rich, Holly
We rode on the trails for 1.5 hours before turning around to make it back for lunch at noon.
With Halloween only days away we couldn’t pass up a photo opportunity with a fellow cyclist having a bottle of wine. What a great way to warm your bones!
Woodwards and Bolands
We had a great lunch at Knucklehead Café.
Several of us took our server’s recommendation for the Brisket tacos and we were not disappointed.
There is not a ride scheduled for November, but if the weather is mild Eve and Roger may host a ride the weekend after Thanksgiving!  We’ll wait and see, and keep you posted

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