Fourth Annual Madison Pool Party

A big thanks to Sherry and Jose Rodriguez for welcoming us to their home, pool and beautiful roads.  The drive to Madison was worth it for the nine couples who attended the day of fun.

Borer, Rodriguez, Kofsky/Strauss, Purdo, McDaniel/Leafman, Parker, Boland, Bullard, Rowe

Madison has historic houses, low traffic and lovely scenery.

Rolling out of town
The group rode together for the first 12 miles

We rode the (longest) 40 mile option with John, Mitzi, Michael and Cindy.  We crossed over the new Hard Labor Lake, we saw farmland and tree farms.  And I’m still working on my riding selfie technique!

Tandems own the road!
New area lake
Tree nursery
It’s hard for me to smile when I am doing this!

After the ride our generous hosts served lunch and then we celebrated a few birthdays.

Claudia, Sherry and Jose were our excuses for dessert!
It was hot, and almost everyone enjoyed the pool!

Roger and Eve will be hosting the August PEACHES ride.  The date is Saturday, August 18th and the place will be Taylorsville.  Please mark your calendars and there will be a post with more details very soon.

One thought on “Fourth Annual Madison Pool Party

  1. We saw y’all on our way to the local fitness center to teach a Silver Sneakers class. Glad y’all had a good time.


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