A Ride, A Pub, And A Museum

A word of advice:  the next time Jim and Lora Woodward invite the club to see their antique bicycle collection, change all other plans and don’t miss it!

But first, the June PEACHES ride.  Five veteran couples meet in Milton for a ride through Alpharetta horse country.

Roger, Eve, Jim, Lora, Jose, Sherry, Eva, Steve, Shari, Ron

What are the chances you get an Eve and an Eva as well as a Sherry and a Shari at the same ride?  We get off to a smooth start on fairly low traffic roads heading out towards Cherokee and Forsyth Counties.

At about 15 miles the group splits into 3 bikes riding 30 miles and 2 bikes riding 40.  We are with our hosts, the Woodwards for the rest of the ride.

Photographing Lora photographing the beautiful scenery!

Speaking of scenery, there are horse training farms and some magnificent spreads to ogle.

I sure hope these folks have enough room!

Lora and Jim take us to Poole’s Mill Covered Bridge for a rest stop.  This is a real treat, and the highlight of the ride since we have never been here before.

Lunch is at The Olde Blind Dog, an Irish Pub.

Mitzi and John have guests in town early, but are able to join us for a pleasant group lunch.

A few of us make the GREAT decision to go back to the Woodward’s house and see their basement museum.  They are incredibly knowledgeable docents.

Just a few of the bikes in the collection.

Thanks to Lora and Jim for sharing their stories, their enthusiasm and their bikes.

They have ridden centuries on these things.

Mark your calendars for our July ride in Madison.  Sherry and Jose Rodriguez will be our hosts on Saturday, July 28th.  Details are coming soon.

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