Hot Fun in Monroe

The May PEACHES ride featured a great day in Monroe, Georgia.

Holly tries out the captain’s spot!
Kay, Bob, Eric, Linda are ready to ride.
Roger and Eve before the ride.
John and Mitzi
The gang, photo by Rich Polich

The historic district of Monroe has some pretty houses, and once we got away from town we saw rolling hills and very little traffic.

Roger and Eve, photo by Mitzi Boland

The long and short options shared a store stop in Bostwick, so we were all together for our rest.

With ten miles to go we pulled up some shade for a breather before we climbed back to Monroe.

Five teams welcomed the first real heat of the season. At the conclusion of the (long) 43 mile option it was a sizzling 91 degrees.
It turned out that our lunch spot was RIGHT NEXT DOOR to a Scoops! Nothing better than ice cream after a hot, hilly, sweaty ride!

Lunch at the Cotton Cafe

It was a special day, a cup of ice cream was just a buck!

We hope to see everyone on the next ride which is scheduled for June 10th. Jim and Lora Woodward will lead us on a ride in Milton. Details will be coming soon.

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