2017: The PEACHES Year in Review

Now that the latest Atlanta snowstorm is a fond memory, it’s time to make yourself a hot chocolate (alcohol optional) and cuddle up on the couch as we remember the 2017 PEACHES riding season. We began the year in Senoia and ended it in Rome. In between, we visited Lake Lanier, Madison, the Silver Comet, Dawsonville, Newnan, and Arabia Mountain. One thing we can say about PEACHES: we get around.

Nine rides were scheduled, and two got rained out. One was made up the next Wednesday, so we got eight rides in total.  Hit a drum roll as we present our PEACHES ride awards for the year…

Attendance Award: Steve and Eva Bullard, who attended seven out of the eight rides, missing only the last ride of the year. Honorable mention goes to John and Mitzi Boland (six rides) and Roger Strauss/Eve Kofsky (five rides).

These two attended 88% of our rides this year.

Most attended ride: the Jose/Sherry Rodriguez Madison pool party with eleven teams. Second place goes to the Bullard ride in Dawsonville, where we had nine teams.

Bathing beauties everywhere.

Least attended ride: the Arabia Mountain Wednesday makeup ride that only three teams could attend. And only four hardy teams made it to Rome in November.

Coldest ride: Rome on a chilly November morning.

Four teams brave the cold. Photo Courtesy Rich Polich

Hottest ride: Dawsonville sizzler in August.

Hot, sweaty group at store stop. Vickie Page actually melted into the curb.

Most innovative ride: the Lake Lanier ride, hosted by Captain Dave Kevern and his first mate Jane. After riding around Lake Lanier Islands, we drove to the dock and boarded the Kevern yacht (or was it a small cruise ship?), where we proceeded to our lunch stop via water.

All that’s missing is The Professor and Maryanne.

Zombie alert: The Walking Dead were not seen at the March Senoia ride, but these spooky people were:

Best pizza: We only visited one pizza joint this year.  How can that be?  Fabiano’s in Newnan is our winner. Here’s a gratuitous food shot for those of you who like the Italian pies.

Best choreography: Do you know how long it takes to set up a shot like this?

The Rockettes have nothing on this.

What’s next? Our ride planning party is scheduled for early in 2018.  No spandex is necessary as we plan our upcoming ride calendar. Details will be released sometime after the new year.


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