A Cold Morning in Rome

An apt description of the start of the November PEACHES ride would be BRRRRRR! Luckily it was a bright, sunny morning and four nutty couples showed up for the ride.

Photo Courtesy Rich Polich

While John performed some parking lot maintenance on Tim and Vickie’s bike, the ladies huddled to keep warm!

No, the color scheme was not pre-planned!

The late start played a part in all of the couples opting for the shorter ride.

Ride start
John and Mitzi

The 33 mile option of this ride has an early store stop. ¬†We were adjusted to the temperature, but didn’t peel much clothing off!

Our hosts, Rich and Holly
Your intrepid reporters, Roger and Eve
Vickie and Tim
John and Mitzi

After the ride we all drove to downtown Rome where we enjoyed the brunch menu at Crawdaddy’s Cajun and Creole Cuisine. It seems I neglected to photograph any of the food!

Waiting to chow down!

Next up, Roger’s year in review followed by an announcement as to when and where we will gather to plan our 2018 calendar!


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