Homes and Hills


The September PEACHES ride featured fabulous weather, fun times and 6 bikes. The ride leaders were showing off a fancy new bike which we picked up the night before, and had ridden for one mile!

Half of the group rode 43 miles and half rode 33 miles.

Jose and Sherry Rodriguez
Steve and Eva Bullard
Dave and Jane Kevern
John and Mitzi Boland
Jim and Lora Woodward
Roger and Eve, Photo Courtesy Lora Woodward

At the start and end of the ride we could all see why Newnan is called the city of homes.

The ride featured very low traffic, and lovely terrain.

The two routes shared the same store stop and we were together for a picture before separating to finish our routes.

Fun stop at Pop’s

Pizza and beer were a perfect way to end the day.

Kay and Bob O’Neal will lead the October ride, and as soon as I get the details, I’ll post them!


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