Lake Lanier Bike and Barge

Jane and Dave Kevern have taken PEACHES rides to the next level. Those of us who were at their May ride know that we won’t be able to top this until the next time they do it. We usually ride and then eat, but today, we rode, took a yacht to lunch, ate, and then boated back to our cars.

Seven teams started in cold temperatures, which warmed up quickly after the first couple of hills.

We rode in and out of Lake Lanier Islands as we passed golf courses, big houses, and amusement parks.

Photo by Dave Kevern

We even passed a street sign appropriately named for this ride.

When the ride ended, we boarded the “SS Minnow” for a three-hour tour with Gilligan (Jane) and the Skipper (Dave).

Fortunately, the weather did not get rough and the tiny ship was not tossed. We wound up on a charted Lake Lanier Isle, where we had lunch at the Sunset Cove Beach Cafe.

We never could find the Professor and MaryAnne. Mr. and Mrs. Howell were not there either. Then it was back on the “SS Minnow” (also known as the Hakuna Mayachta) for the ride back to our cars.

Photo by Dave Kevern

What a great way to spend the day on beautiful Lake Lanier. Next time we are blowing off the bike ride and going straight to the yacht!

Join ride hosts Sherry and Jose Rodriguez for the June ride in Madison. Details will be posted as soon as they are available.


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