2016: The Year In Review

What started and ended in Covington? The PEACHES 2016 cycling season. In between, we visited Tucker, Cartersville, Taylorsville, Madison, Serenbe, Vinings, and Rome. That’s a busy year!
Let’s break down the data and see who was there. No team attended all nine rides, but Mitzi/John Boland and Eve Kofsky/Roger Strauss made eight. Others that did at least half of the rides were Eva/Steve Bullard (7) and Linda Wood/Eric Osgood (6–not bad for “residents” of South Dakota!). We had riders join us from Tennessee (Stephanie/Denny Sutton came twice), Texas (Debbie/Larry Linzer), Florida (Heidi/Al Parker) and even Athens (Angela Pfile/Douglas Job, who also came twice).

The coldest ride was the November ride in Covington.
Winter clothing attire was also seen on an unseasonably cold ride in Cartersville in May. The heat was on during our visit to Taylorsville in June, where it was near 90 degrees when we finished.

Stephanie figures out a way to stay cool on the Taylorsville ride.
Stephanie figures out a way to stay cool on the Taylorsville ride.

Good thing we went to an ice cream store afterwards.

The best post-ride view was from Jane/Dave Kevern’s Vinings condo.

Is that Tyler Perry's house in the distance?
Is that Tyler Perry’s house in the distance?

The view from Sherry/Jose Rodriguez’s pool wasn’t bad either.

Was there food involved this year? Of course! We ate Tex-Mex, Real-Mex. southern, BBQ, deli, and pizza three times.
Evidently, we like pizza.

The most bikes at a ride were ten, and the least was five. Here’s how the year broke down:
Madison, July, 10 bikes
Cartersville, May, 9 bikes
Covington, November, 9 bikes
Planning Party, January, 9 teams
Taylorsville, June, 8 bikes
Tucker, April, 7 bikes
Serenbe, August, 6 bikes
Covington, March, 5 bikes
Vinings, September, 5 bikes
Rome, October, 5 bikes
Want to lead a ride in 2017? Of course you do! One team, who shall remain unnamed, hosted three rides in 2016, so it can’t be that difficult. Mark your calendars for the 2017 PEACHES ride planning party. The date is January 28th. Place and time will be announced in January. See you there!


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