Tandems Ride a “Tri”

What do you get when you combine National Ice Cream Day with a PEACHES ride?  Miles of smiles, of course.  This month we find the club in Madison, GA for a “triathalon” of riding, swimming and eating hosted by Sherry and Jose Rodriguez.  As advertised, we do all three.


Ten teams make the trip to the city that was “too beautiful for Sherman to burn”.
After a parade lap through downtown Madison, we are quickly into the country and on the Dixie Highway, perhaps the best tandem road in northeast Georgia.

These guys were on the route last year. One year later, they are still hanging out.
Yes, those are live buzzards. Evidently, we were riding fast enough that they were not circling overhead the bikes.

The 49-mile riders got to visit the store in Good Hope, which has been around for over 100 years. They have the pictures to prove it. These outfits were not coordinated before the ride. Or were they?
A biscuit was sampled. At only a dollar, it could be the best store snack value in the area.

Meanwhile, back at the Rodriguez estate, a pool party has broken out.

Two parts of the “tri” are done, with one more to go. How about some homemade pulled pork and chicken?

And of course there are plenty of sides.

We could get used to rides like this. Sherry and Jose have set a new standard for post-ride refreshment.

By the way, did someone mention that it’s National Ice Cream Day?

Wendy Davison brings a “homemade” ice cream cake, straight from the Dairy Queen. What a delicious end to a fun day.

Before we go, a warning: if you ride too much, swim too much, and eat too much, you might wind up like this…

Speaking of Wendy Davison, she and captain Mark Pauly will be hosting the next ride from Serenbe on August 13 at 8:30AM. Details will be released soon.


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