Walker Stalking in Coweta County

The first attempt was a rainout, the second date featured our coldest morning temps of the year, but 4 teams did ride from Senoia.

Coffee anyone?
Coffee anyone?

It was such a brisk morning that a group decision was made to visit the coffee shop and postpone the ride start for at least an hour.

This was a brilliant plan as we really enjoyed the Walking Dead memorabilia and the warm beverages.

The 10:20am rider meeting and 10:30am start suited all of us.
While leaving town we saw the walled, safe city featured in the show.

real community, "hollywood" wall
real community, “hollywood” wall

Once we left town we enjoyed beautiful scenery, almost no traffic and a lovely ride.
Chris and Cheryl Horacek
Chris and Cheryl Horacek

John and Mitzi Boland
John and Mitzi Boland

After the ride we lunched at one of the establishments that is thriving as a result of the town’s TV fame.

The dessert case in the front certainly caught my attention.

After salads, pulled port and ribs, our group all enjoyed the cobbler of the day (apple), a la mode (of course)!

Randy and Claudia Rowe selected a great route and if they lead this ride again, you should try to attend. It’s well worth the drive!

The last PEACHES ride of the year will be a Christmas lights ride under the stars on December 9 (a Wednesday night). This is a tag-a-long ride with Atlanta Cycling and Fitness from their Vinings location. They lead the group, stop traffic for us, and have a car following the group. All the details will be in the next post.


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