PEACHES in “The City of Homes”

It’s been five years since PEACHES cycled in Newnan. Since we last visited, there is a pretty new water tower.
The refurbishing of the Courthouse is finished and the final product is stunning.
The square looks lovely, the summer annuals are thriving and with the cool(ish) morning temperatures our group is ready to ride.
Newman boasts that it’s the City of Homes.
And as we leave town we see some of the prettiest of the bunch.
The ride starts out downhill, with a tailwind, so we are out in the countryside very quickly. There is hardly any traffic south of Newnan and we enjoy pretty scenery and good company.
Luckily we are back for an early lunch, because Goldens on the Square is packed with the after-church crowd right after we all go through the cafeteria-style line and get our food.
The fried chicken is the most popular choice in our group, and it’s definitely finger-licking good. You can read a full review of the restaurant here:
The group lingers, enjoying the food and the company and looking forward to our next ride.
Mark your calendars for Sunday, September 13th in Madison – Details coming soon.


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