Take Your Tandem For a Spin

Article submitted by Mark Livingood

If you haven’t been to a PEACHES monthly ride because you’ve heard the ride distances were too long or the pace was just a bit too fast, you may want to reconsider.

There was definitely a period of time in the past when only a very few teams would show up for the monthly rides and they tended to enjoy moderate distances at something a bit faster than a touring or social pace. Sadly, new teams would show up for a ride and find themselves riding alone if they were the only ones riding a shorter distance or at a touring speed. However, we’re happy to report things have changed!
It is now commonplace to have at least two different groups attend the monthly PEACHES rides. There is typically one small group that will ride the shorter of two distances (typically around 30 miles) at a social/touring pace as well as a second small group that will ride the longer route at a slightly more ambitious tempo, but adjusted to keep as many riders together as possible.

Therefore, in most cases, teams who are looking for other teams to ride with can almost always find a ‘good fit’ at the monthly PEACHES ride. And, quite frankly, we truly believe there are quite a few tandem teams here in Georgia who would quickly build the shorter distance and touring pace rides into the more popular option at the monthly PEACHES rides. Why not give it a try?

Our September PEACHES ride (9/13) will begin and end in the beautiful city of Madison, Georgia, with its surrounding tandem friendly terrain and low-traffic roads. Please consider coming out and making new friends who share your interest in tandeming as we enter into the cooler months: it could be the beginning of a great new you and yours for 2016 and beyond!


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