Rome Pocket Ride

Thanks to Mitzi Boland for this report on the July ride.

We had a great turnout for the Rome PEACHES ride.
IMG_2809 (4)
There were 17 cyclists at the start. There’s that odd number again for a tandem ride. Well, today our ride leaders are Eric Osgood and Linda Wood with guest stoker Wendy Davison.
IMG_2810 (4)
We had two mileage options 49 or 35 miles. One team opted for the short option while the other teams choose the long option. The routes stayed together for the first 16 miles. The route has lots of beautiful pastures and hillsides.
IMG_2812 (4)
After the split, the long option does an out and back into “the pocket”. I have to say this was the best part. The roads are shaded and follow the river.
IMG_2813 (4)
We had a stop for snacks and water at the campground.
IMG_2814 (4)
We rode out of the pocket as the day was starting to heat up. We had a brief store stop 12 miles from the finish. July in Georgia had us ready to get to the finish and out of the sun.

We rewarded ourselves with lunch at Bella Roma pizza.
IMG_2815 (4)
The food was good and so was the company.

This was a great ride. I now have another favorite ride and I hope that we see this one posted again in the future!

Next ride: August 16, the day Elvis died. Put on your blue suede shoes and join us.


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