Cycling in Serenbe

Special PEACHES ride correspondent Mitzi Boland files the following report from the June PEACHES ride.

What a beautiful day in Serenbe for a tandem ride. We had 13 cyclists for the start.

IMG_2790 2

How can you have 13 for a tandem ride? Wendy Davidson was the host for the ride and she is on a triplet with team Wood/ Osgood.


We had several mileage options and we all choose the long option of 41 miles. Turned out to be one of June’s coolest days and the course had lots of shade. The roads were quiet and the scenery was beautiful.


Lots of horse farms.


Our store stop is at the half way point.


Lunch is at the Hill.


Cinnamon roll appetizer is delicious.


Our server recommends the crisp chicken sandwich with egg which seemed to be the most popular choice at our table. Randy Rowe is the only one brave enough to try it with the egg.


Either way, we were all pleased with lunch.


This ride is a definite must do. I hope that we do this one again!!


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