Cold, Clear and Dark!

The Christmas lights ride happened! We tagged along with the Atlanta Cycling group but there were 4 tandems getting their jolly on last night!
First of all, the crew at Atlanta Cycling does an amazing job organizing this ride, they drive SAG behind the group and they stop traffic (not always appreciated by the drivers) to keep everyone safe. A big thanks to them for a fun evening.

So yes, it was cold (temps in the high 30’s) and dark but there was an incredible turnout (mostly single bikes) of people with decorated bikes and great attitudes. The loop is about 12 miles and it takes about an hour. The goal is to visit areas around Chastain Park where there are big light displays. It’s been years since PEACHES did this ride and although there were several “ooh” and “aah” moments, sadly there are not as many lighting extravaganzas as there used to be. I apologize that it was too cold for me to remove my gloves and take pictures, you should have been there if you wanted to see the pretty lights!

These are the crazy teams who bundled up for the last PEACHES ride of the year:
Mark and Debbie Livingood, our ride leaders.

Randy and Claudia Rowe, our most decorated bike and riders.

Eric Osgood and Linda Wood, who provided a soundtrack for the evening (we stayed close to them and heard an hour of Christmas Music).

Roger Strauss and Eve Kofsky, rarely seen riding in temps that are below 45.

Afterwards, we warmed up with some HOT, delicious pizza at the NY Pizza Exchange in Vinings.

The PEACHES will reconvene in February to plan our ride calendar for next year! I’ll be sending out a note as soon as I have it figured out. Wishing everyone a very happy holiday season with lots of riding in the new year!



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