Giro de Grayson

We checked the radar before we left for the ride and it looked like most of the state was clear. There was one little blob of green on the map and it was right near Grayson. We were sure that by the time we drove there it would be dry. We were wrong.
Four couples were ready to ride and while we were stalling and waiting for better weather, we decided to go on a geocaching adventure.

Eve and Sherry find the cache
Eve and Sherry find the cache

Meanwhile, back at the cars it’s still wet and it’s decision time for the group.
The sky is getting a little brighter and the drizzle seems to be stopping, we have driven all the way to Grayson. Our ride leaders hand out maps and cue sheets.
Steve and Eva
Hosts Steve and Eva

Sherry and Jose
Sherry and Jose

Randy and Claudia
Randy and Claudia
Roger and Eve
Roger and Eve

3.5 miles into the ride we hear what sounds like a gun firing, but it turns out to be a blowout of MAJOR proportion.
Randy and Claudia will not finish this ride. We ride back to get their car, and then the 3 remaining couples decide to ride the short option, cut our losses and go have lunch.DSCN1694
It’s a Falcons Sunday at the Hail Mary Pub. It’s crowded but we get a table, it’s loud but we enjoy our post ride lunch.
Please come and join the fun at our next PEACHES ride on Sunday, October 5.

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