Tandems and Trains in Taylorsville

We rode, we waited for trains, we ate ice cream. That’s the very short version but since I want to share my pictures, here is the rest of the story.

It was a cool August morning when 4 tandem teams set out to do 44 miles in Polk, Bartow and Floyd counties.
The first 13 miles of this rural ride featured pretty flat terrain.
At the first store stop we were joined by a 5th tandem (so glad I left an extra map on the car “just in case”) and then we set out to tackle the hillier part of the ride. Pretty soon after we left the first store we were greeted by the flashing lights of the RR crossing and we watched the arms go down and block the road.
It was a long train…
And a wonderful photo opportunity

Mark & Debbie
Mark & Debbie

Randy & Claudia
Randy & Claudia

Mitzi & John
Mitzi & John
Bob & Kay
Bob & Kay
Ride Leaders Roger & Eve
Ride Leaders Roger & Eve

We finally got back on the road, encountered a few switchbacks, climbed up to a beautiful ridge, and enjoyed some pretty terrain.
From what we saw, it’s going to be a pretty good hay crop this year.
And then we were unlucky enough to meet up with another train, slower but shorter! DSCN1464
We finally made it to the second store stop at mile 36.
After our group photo we only had 8 miles until ice cream (and lunch) at Udder Delights!
Lunch was enjoyed by everyone, but this is what we were all waiting for… yum!
Ice Cream will be consumed after the PEACHES ride next weekend (8/17)… Scoops in Covington, don’t miss it!


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