6/21/14: The Summer Solstice Alpharetta Ride

The coming of summer was expected to be a hot day so we begin by thanking our hosts Steve and April Bessonny and Scott and Linda Philp for starting the ride at 8:30AM.
Nine tandem teams are at the Mellow Mushroom parking lot and we are ready to ride.
The first and last 5 miles of the ride come with traffic, but once we are out in the country the views are quite lovely.
The roads are smooth and the ride is social.
It’s always a treat to see a Father/Daughter team on the road. Welcome back, Bireleys!
Seven teams ride the long option of 42 miles and two teams opt for the 32-mile ride, but we all come together at the Mellow Mushroom for post-ride libations and food.
Mellow Mushroom has delicious salads.
And calzones.
But it shouldn’t take almost an hour for the food to arrive, even if you have a table with 20 people around it.
Perhaps you will join in the fun on the next PEACHES ride. Wendy Davison will be our host and the ride is scheduled for Saturday, July 26th. The details will be sent out as soon as they become available! Happy pedaling.


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